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Course Overview:

  • Format: Live Sessions
  • Support: Dedicated WhatsApp Group for Q&A, Community Interaction, and Ongoing Support
  • Price: $60 $30 (50% Early Bird Discount For First 20 Students)

What You’ll Learn:

  • Basics of SEO and its Importance
    • Explanation of what SEO is and its role in online visibility.
    • Overview of how search engines work.
    • Importance of SEO in driving organic traffic.
    • Historical context and evolution of SEO.
  • Keyword Research Techniques
    • Keywords and their significance.
    • Types of keywords: short-tail, long-tail, and their uses.
    • Introduction to keyword research tools.
    • Practical tips for effective keyword research.
    • Keyword Research Template
  • On-Page Optimization Fundamentals
    • On-page elements: title tags, meta descriptions, headers, etc.
    • Guidelines for optimizing content for target keywords.
    • User experience in on-page optimization.
    • Tips for creating SEO-friendly URLs.
    • LSI Keywords
    • Entity / NLP Tools
  • Introduction to Off-Page SEO
    • Off-page SEO and its importance.
    • Overview of link building strategies.
    • Importance of social signals in SEO.
    • Building an online presence beyond the website.
  • Basics of Local SEO
    • Optimizing Google My Business profile.
    • Importance of consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) data.
    • Strategies for local link building.
  • Content Essentials for SEO Success
    • What is high-quality content in SEO?
    • Strategies for creating engaging and shareable content.
    • Balancing user needs with SEO requirements.
    • Importance of multimedia content.
  • Practical Project / Case Studies
    • Explanation of the importance of practical application.
    • Introduction to case studies and real-world projects.
    • Personal case studies
    • Live Project
  • Analytics and Reporting Basics
    • Analytics Tools
    • Key SEO metrics and how to interpret them.
    • Creating basic SEO reports for monitoring performance.
  • Job Search and Interview Preparation
    • Crafting an SEO-focused resume.
    • Leveraging online portfolios for showcasing skills.
    • Networking strategies within the SEO industry.
    • Handling technical SEO questions in interviews.
    • S.T.A.R method to response in SEO interview


  • Bonus #1: List of Low Competition Niches
  • Bonus #2: RANKING METHOD without backlinks
  • Bonus #3: Guest Blogging Business Strategy

Why Choose “SEO Jump Start”?

  • Learn from 8-year Experience: Benefit from my knowledge and experience.
  • Practical Insights: Gain real-world insights through hands-on projects and case studies.
  • Job Ready: Get ready for the industry with job search and interview preparation strategies.
  • Live Sessions: Interact directly with me and get real-time insights.
  • Community Support: Join our exclusive WhatsApp Group for continuous support and networking.
  • Affordable Pricing: Take advantage of the 50% Early Bird Discount for the first 20 students.

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  1. AOA, I am really thankful to ustaad e Muhtram Kashif M. Aslam, who gave us amazing and one to one training about amazon affiliate marketing. He guides us from basic to advanced, no one can give you such training in free in this era. Once again thanks to you so much for your precious time IA soon I will get results from your instructions. – Muhammad Zubair Khan
  2. I am Always Be Thankful To you for the valuable teaching Brother????
    Stay Blessed and Best of luck ???? – Muhammad Jafry
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